Bluwhale Raises $7M Seed Funding for AI Personalization Protocol on Blockchain Networks

AI BLOCKCHAIN for M 2024-03-12 33
San Francisco-based AI Web3 startup, Bluwhale, has secured $7 million in Seed funding from investors including SBI, Cardano, and Animoca. Bluwhale's AI personalization protocol aims to drive user growth, engagement, and retention by identifying and reaching potential users through data-driven decisions and personalized wallet-to-wallet communication. The company has already signed up 180 companies to use its AI platform, which is currently in open beta, and has indexed more than 270 million wallets. Bluwhale's co-founder, Han Jin, stated that the platform allows wallet holders to take control of their digital profile and decide if they want to receive communications, while taking a majority share of the outreach spending.